The MIT/MTL Gallium Nitride (GaN) Energy Initiative (MIT-GaN) is an inter-departmental program that brings together 10 MIT faculty and more than 40 other researchers and industrial partners to advance the science and engineering of GaN-based materials and devices for energy applications. The GaN Energy Initiative provides a holistic approach to GaN research for energy applications and it coordinates work on the growth, technology, novel devices, circuits and systems to take full advantage of the unique properties of GaN. The GaN Energy Initiative is especially interested in developing new beyond-state-of-the-art solutions to system-level applications in RF power amplification, mixed signal electronics, energy processing and power management, as well as advanced optoelectronics.Most of the work is done on GaN materials and devices which are compatible with Si fabrication technologies, in close collaboration with industrial partners to accelerate the insertion of these devices into systems. The MIT/MTL Gallium Nitride(GaN)Energy Initiative organizes numerous activities to advanced GaN. Some of these activities include webcast of seminars and annual meetings, as well as joint collaborations with industry partners. The Initiative also elaborates a resume book of graduating students, and provides timely access to white papers and pre-prints through its website.

If you would like to learn more about the MIT/MTL GaN Energy Initiative, please contact the Program’s director, Prof. Tomas Palacios.